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Two generations are working together to preserve the tradition of hand printing in NYC.

EFS Designs is a high-quality, large-scale hand printing, fabric yardage printing, and textile design factory in NYC. Our family of experts has consistently delivered the high value our clients need, making us a staple in the business for more than 43 years. 

Family built, owned & driven.


Our Mission

Quality production


The key is in the process. We combine our authentic New York craftsmanship with your desired specifications to create unrivaled bespoke fabrics, wall coverings, and more. Additionally, because we print by hand, we are able to give each yard of fabric a vibrant and highly pigmented color range that simply cannot be reproduced by an inkjet printer.



Let us guide you through the process of finding the perfect pattern, providing you incomparable value as we work together to bring your dream design to life.



We produce quality materials, and hand mix specialty inks, to provide you with custom-made colors on any fabric type or wallpaper we have available to offer. Bring a paint chip, a swatch of fabric, a painting, or any other example of the color you are looking for, and our master colorists will match and produce a sample for you that you will love.



The new EFS Designs is now equipped with a 100% electric heat setting oven. Another way we are moving towards eco-friendly manufacturing in New York City.

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